Dauphin HumanDesign Group – work environments for people

Headquartered in Offenhausen near Nuremberg, the Dauphin HumanDesign Group (DHDG) is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of comprehensive office solutions. Highlights from the group’s porfolio include:

  • the intelligent room-structuring and furniture systems by the Bosse brand,
  • ergonomic office chairs and seating solutions from the Dauphin brand,
  • exclusive, design-oriented, conference and lounge furniture from the Swiss brand Züco
  • modern office chair design, proven ergonomics, and attractive pricing by Trendoffice.

The DHDG also offers innovative seating solutions for use in workshops, laboratories and clean rooms as well as at conveyor belts.

DHDG supports customers with planning and ergonomics specialists

In addition to providing furniture for commercial, industrial, public and private offices- as well as for reception and waiting areas, canteens, conference rooms, and congress centres-, the DHDG supports customers with planning and ergonomics specialists.

The ErgoLab for instance helps to increase the awareness of the benefits of  an ergonomically correct seating posture. The “Experience ergonomics” motto prompts people to adopt a beneficial posture and encourages the reassessment of  habits. The ergonomic tools “ErgoMouse”, “Mini-EMG” and “eyeSeat” clearly illustrate a person’s  posture in various situations and visualise their sitting habits.

By showing the correlations between postures unconsciously adopted at workplaces and the strain they place on the body, decision-makers and users of office chairs are encouraged to improve sitting habits. Raising awareness of the correct posture in the workplace really works. Occupational health practitioners and health and safety officers confirm this fact repeatedly in their studies.

Source DauphinGroup