Acoustic panels enter the fight against COVID

If you take to social media, you won’t be able to escape it. Deep thinking about what the world will be like after the COVID epidemic abound. Even if there is something for everyone, the tendency is still to pessimism. From Jean-Yves Le Drian (French Minister of Foreign Affairs), for whom the next world will be the same “a little worse” to french novelist Michel Houellebecq considering it is “banal virus” , through your friends, everyone has their opinion .

For leaders and managers, action has long overtaken thinking. We must act and find effective solutions to combat the spread of the virus. Hence “Covid safe” equipments are growing. The latest: acoustic panel. Industry specialist Artnovion has announced the release of a new line of cleanable acoustic treatment products, MedLine. Explanations.

Noise absorption, the primary purpose of acoustic panels

Acoustic panels are used when sound resonance of a room is too strong: noises, voices, telephone rings, etc. They allow noise to be absorbed effectively without carrying out work or making major changes to your office spaces. How? By “ingesting sound waves” and replacing reflecting walls. They are particularly appreciated by inside sales teams spending their day on the phone with customers. They allow better conversation, and also reduces ear fatigue, often manifested by continuous ringing in the ears. Starting from today, they will also be “Covid safe”.

Washable acoustic panels

The trick is in their washable side. While infection control has traditionally been achieved through the use of bactericides and fungicides, viruses present a different challenge. Because they do not proliferate on their own on inert surfaces. Instead, they sit on surfaces waiting for a new host to touch them or bring them into contact with a mucous membrane, resulting in the new infection. With MedLine brand panels, pathogens at rest on the surface will be subsequently eliminated by antimicrobial treatment of the external surface and regular disinfection. The panels are equipped with hospital grade anti-bacterial coatings, a durable odor-repellent finishes and are washable.

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A range designed for hospitals

The range includes both fabric absorbents (Sparta AE, Troy and Azores AE products) and wood absorbers (Lyra 8 CL and Norma 8 CL panels), making MedLine suitable for a wide variety of applications, including and especially health facilities. Those with the highest required cleanliness and hygiene level. Noise levels in hospitals today are the highest ever documented. They have a huge impact on the privacy, comfort and stress levels of patients and staff. Hospitals need quality equipment right now. Please note, it is advisable to perforate the surfaces of these acoustic elements, which allows sound waves to penetrate into the panel for optimum sound absorption. That way panels do not lose their original function, ensuring relative sound peace and tranquility.

It’s a safe to assume that this is not going to be the last product that comes in “COVID safe” mode. More hygiene has never killed anyone, quite the contrary. And if it helps people on the front lines, it gets even better.