ESII chooses Ergosanté to improve its sedentary employees’ work conditions

ESII imagines and devises solutions for the management and reception of the public. Both physical and virtual queues, appointments, video-communication all over the world (18000 clients). ESII creates complete client/patient/user process solutions for an optimal experience. ESII’s headquarters are located in Lavérune, South of France and gather around a hundred partners.

Adapted ergonomic seats

ESII includes social and environmental considerations in all of its internal and outer activities. The work group “Confort Interne” noticed room for improvement on the employees’ comfort while they are sitting. In 2018, they decided to renew gradually all of their seats. ESII was Already in collaboration with Montpellier Ergosanté agency (12 agencies in France). They help regarding the adjustments needed for position hold by employees with disabilities. The management chose to propose ergonomic seats adapted to the height and needs of each employee. They selected the ALPHA ERGOSANTE, made by employees with disabilities at only sixty miles from ESII. Part of its materials coming from recycling channels. In this respect, the imperatives of quality, sustainable development, Societal and Environmental Responsibility, dear to ESII were achieved.

Workstations ergonomics

To make an inventory of the employees’ needs, different ALPHA seats were provided for them during a month. Seats with several heights and optional extras (with or without headrests, with or without 3D armrests, synchronous or asynchronous mechanisms) . Therefore, each employee involved had the chance to preselect their seat by trying it out at their desks before ordering. Only then the seat was manufactured. It was delivered to each employee by an Ergosanté adviser. He explained the adjustments and when required, helped to improve the workplaces’ ergonomics. “An ergonomic seat is a cost for the company. This investment improves the quality of life at work of our employees. They are the main wealth of the company” says Jean Pierre RICHARD, co-founder and ESII general director. He added : “By choosing Ergosanté, we have supported local employment. We benefit greatly from a strong reactivity and an optimal level of satisfaction. Everything we are trying to offer to our own clients”.

An initiative that necessarily calls for others. The workplace must more and more adapt its organization and its resources to its employees. And the working environment to the characteristics of its employees . The set of material and human elements is a whole. Anything likely to influence a worker in his daily tasks has a direct impact on productivity and performance.