Noise or how workplace trends make the problem worse

Current design movements have seen industrial spaces become more and more popular. High ceilings, large windows and open, airy atmospheres are the new trends in the workplace. At the same time, these spaces have become more and more carriers of noise.

Rising costs of ownership mean businesses are choosing to lease office spaces. Rentals are nowadays for much shorter periods than in the past. They often have no control over the acoustic elements. Neither the insulation of the ceiling, nor the thickness of the walls or the size of the windows. In addition, the trend towards flexible workspaces has reduced the number of stationary furniture and soundproof elements. This means sound waves are free to travel through the empty space. A major impact on the employees acoustic comfort.

Office furniture such as cupboards, lockers, desk screens and freestanding screens are useful. They can all be coated with different materials to prevent excessive sound reverberation and dampen the sound. Storage units with sound absorbing material on the front and rear can reduce noise levels. They can thus create absorbing boundaries between teams.

Evävaara Design is a creator of spaces.

It offers acoustic office furniture solutions facilitating the creation of social and collective spaces. Particularly suitable for an “intimacy” rediscovered in open-plan offices. Acoustic spaces are perfect for occasional work. A confidential call or targeted meetings. Whatever the need, Evävaara Design – with its acoustic range – provides cutting-edge solutions. Highly functional, they will reduce any sound propagation space, regardless of its volume.

Sshhh is the new name for acoustic products from Evävaara Design. This new range offers innovative solutions to improve comfort and concentration. Completely convertible to any space taking into account the evolutions of work. The products are entirely made in Finland in the Lahti region. The first product was launched on the market in 2002. Today, the common denominator for the entire range favors sound and silence.

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The Sshhh 2 and Sshhh 4 products are soundproof meeting spaces. Designed for two or four people, they are used in open offices and other collaborative spaces. The very design of the products is made to effectively attenuate a speaker’s voice. The shape, structure and surface materials used for the seat suppress any external sound overflow. They provide a peaceful workplace. All benefiting from quality ventilation.

Simplicity, the big strong point

The ease of transport and its delivery are the real “pluses” of all the products in the series. Units are made in two or four interconnected pieces. Compact enough to fit through standard doors and elevator openings. No tools are required. Only 5 minutes of set-up are needed to create a compact meeting room. As an option, customer can request a plexiglass, a drop / aerosol cover (very easy to install), to prevent spread of covid 19.

Evävaara products take into account all the useful aspects of the working environment. Whether it is logistics, flexibility, and space constraints, they are fully adaptable. And this, whatever the configuration of the spaces offered. And above all, they are extremely design!