No More Pain Ergonomics Launches Free Ergonomics Courses

No More Pain Ergonomics, do you know it? This is an Australian company which was given at its creation in 2013, an ambition. Sell directly to customers a range of ergonomic products for both high quality and affordable prices for most. The company is particularly renowned for the design and manufacture of ergonomic chairs, laptop stands, footrests and backrest supports.

On August 25, 2020, the company announced the launch of a free training portal accessible to healthcare professionals, occupational rehabilitation consultants and health and safety experts wishing to train in the field. A portal to help with buying but which can also train any professional wishing to progress in ergonomics.

An online tool to help make the right choice

What the company announces as “an online training portal” is primarily a help in choosing its products. Although the service is not available to other manufacturers, the service is not a push to buy. It simply enlightens professionals during their shopping. So that they are not mistaken. These recommendations are supplemented with a free guide to “good ergonomics step by step.”

A guide on ergonomics

This guide takes the form of 2 interactive online courses. It uses videos and simulations, was created by ergonomists, physiotherapists and occupational therapists experienced and qualified. In the first part, participants learn to identify areas of pain and the most relevant products to treat it in various office environments. The second online course lasts 120 minutes. It enables healthcare practitioners to take a personalized approach and clinical reasoning in prescribing equipment. Which contributes to the health, motivation, fitness and productivity of employees. At the end of this training, participants receive a certificate. That they can use it to hone their day-to-day work with new approaches.

A giant in occupational therapy

In any case, this is clearly the ambition of the Australian firm. It announces having helped, since its creation in 2013, more than 30,000 clients to work more comfortably and more productively. “No More Pain Ergonomics is known to manufacture and sell the best ergonomic products available in Australia at affordable prices. We have developed and designed a range of ergonomic products, each personalized and defined by our team of ergonomic experts. We love to help our customers find the right ergonomic solution to their aches and pains. » Says Julie Hillard, occupational therapist and commercial director of the brand. “We know that many healthcare professionals, including vocational rehabilitation consultants, occupational therapists and health and safety consultants, are looking for quality ergonomic products that will help and will not hinder the recovery of their injured clients. Through this portal, they can recommend the most suitable ergonomic products for office workers, helping them to work safer and more comfortable. “

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Julie Hillard’s announcement is relatively recent (August 25, 2020). But all ergonomics aficionados eagerly await the brand’s new innovations. No More Pain Ergonomics has just struck a big blow. Could an IKEA of ergonomics be born in Australia in front of your eyes ?