BE Safety Screens U-shape: Made from 100% recycled raw PET Felt

Many major employers have already announced expecting one-half to two-thirds of desk workers to remain “Work From Home” indefinitely. A study by IBM on 25,000 office workers found that 54% of desk workers want to continue to work from home full time. 75% would like to do so part time. 40% felt that their employers should at least offer the option of working remotely. But what happens for those coming back to the offices ?

The new standard of social distancing also called «society at 1.5 meters» requires a sufficient safety distance. Bakker Elkhuizen offers a solution that achieves this goal in an aesthetic, hygienic, affordable, durable and circular manner. With the BE Safety Screens U-shape, which allow the creation of a healthy workplace.

Products for a circular economy

You can choose a screen with or without a removable acrylic window, allowing the «acrylic windows» to be cleaned properly. The PET felt that surrounds the «windows» and the acrylic are both 100% recyclable. It is a virtuous circle! In addition to Petvilt being a soft, robust and durable material, you can work in complete privacy. With panels (mostly) closed, no one will be looking directly at your desk. A second advantage is that you will hear less ambient noise.

Companies are acknowledging that work from home will be a more permanent part of their mix. But also, they are recognizing that work from home comes with issues of social isolation, ergonomics, and wellness. Not everyone is able to focus while working from home. Inspiring spaces and furniture for people to do their work remain vitally important. It fuels the ingenuity and creativity of individuals and teams.