Move safely with HMT: from the exoskeleton to the DAP (Physical Assistance Device)

For more than 20 years, MSDs “- musculoskeletal disorders” – have represented 80% of occupational diseases in France … and in other European countries. With a significant financial cost for businesses and society: 8.4 million working days would this way be “lost” each year in businesses in France.

HMT – Human Mechanical Technologies-, a startup from Tarbes, develops tailor-made exoskeleton solutions that improve working conditions on physically demanding tasks. For Kévin REGI at the head of HMT which he created with 5 associates in 2017,” HMT allows you to “move without risk“.

Our job is to define and understand the activities of our clients, so that they adapt their ways of working, without impacting the quality of the job. Reducing risks, but also reducing fatigue without changing the organization of work. We are linked to people, rather than to a particular industry. ” Real second skin essential for the well-being of users. No one fails to put on their equipment to facilitate their work and reduce their physical fatigue at the end of the day. For example, for ENEDIS, HMT created a solution for operators working under high voltage lines, “in order to reduce their repeated efforts at shoulder level”.

Plum’Mobility, the solution for working with both hands at height (Note that the Plum’Mobility solution won 1st prize in the Enedis startup competition in the Health and Safety category).

Plum technology is a physical assistance device (DAP) suitable for arm work at height. This exoskeleton solution is very light (2.1kg), 100% mechanical and has been designed to relieve awkward postures caused by working with arms at height while reducing back and shoulder pain. Its patented assistance system, which can be activated and deactivated in 1 click, allows its user to be assisted from 1.5 to 6 kg per arm.

Light Mobility, soon to be the benchmark for repetitive handling

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Light technology is also a DAP which is specific to repetitive handling and handling of light tools. Its major advantage is to reduce the weight carried during the day, always without constraining its user. Its movement capacity and weight (2.9kg) are all benefits that do not affect the operator’s work activity.

It applies to all sectors requiring repetitive handling of loads of less than 15 kilos.

Equipped with the same assistance system as its predecessor, the Light Mobility exoskeleton provides the same degree of assistance to its user: from 1.5 to 6 kg per arm.

HMT also works for aeronautical subcontractors, the pharmaceutical sector or even Les Poteries d’Albi.