Ulteam TV, the Netflix for well-being at work

Well-being at work is going through a more than delicate period. Especially in France, one of the lowest ranked countries in Europe in this area. The French were already among the most stressed on the old continent before COVID. And it was not the confinement, the forced adaptation to remote working and the new ways of working that fixed this, quite the contrary.

Providers are scrambling to come up with new solutions to make things better. Like Ulteam TV, the VOD platform that could be described as a well-being Netflix. Videos and tutorials made by experts to improve the lives of employees. Whether they are on site or working from home.

A platform created by the consulting firm Ulteam. A company that supports businesses through practical workshops and tailor-made services. Presentation of this novelty in well-being at work which comes at the best possible time.

A revolutionary platform for well-being at work

The platform has been available since January 2021. It offers a subscription starting from 1 euro per month and per employee. It brings together a media library of 300 videos and more than 300 advice sheets. On the menu: yoga, relaxation therapy, stress management, advice for teleworking and even advice for speaking in public.

The videos are understandable and accessible to everyone. They deal with themes such as sophrology, naturopathy or sleep. Sports tutorials are also available. With yoga, Pilate or even fitness exercises.

Finally, the employee can also improve at the managerial level and in personal development.

The platform also deals with topics on health and quality of life at work. It has developed 10 prevention programs, in particular on fatigue and overwork or back pain.

In addition, public speaking aids are available. For employees who want to gain influence with their colleagues.

Free access to allow a general improvement in well-being at work

The company Ulteam has unveiled its intentions with this platform through a press release. “This new way of consuming video on demand allows everyone to access information freely, at their own pace and according to their desires and needs. It also helps you realize that your state of health is the sum of the behaviors you adopt on a daily basis. “

But where are the leaders of French companies on the subject? While the majority of them are aware of the issues, most business leaders say they are not sure what to do to improve things.

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However, the increasingly alarming figures on the subject point to a disaster to come. When asked before the pandemic crisis, 50% of French people said that work has a negative impact on their health. 48% said their job could deteriorate their well-being. Note that all studies show that teleworking has made matters even worse. Especially with regard to management positions.

Ulteam declares that access to videos guarantees everyone will improve the situation in France. For a fairly reasonable price, employees will no longer have the excuse of not having access to resources.

Individual initiatives in terms of well-being while waiting for a revolution in global policies. In any case, this is the only way, for the moment, to quickly improve things in terms of the quality of working life in France. The initiative of Ulteam company deserves praise for this.