Dauphin Human Design Group

The solutions concept, which was first unveiled in 2014, has been constantly developed and this year it is once again the core theme of the company’s trade show presentation. In addition, important product innovations will be on display, for example:

• The comeback of the telephone booth: The “Bosse Telephone Cube” creates privacy for a confidential phone call
• At the same level: “Züco Signo”, the new addition to the management level
• Back comfort zone: “Dauphin Lordo flex” provides noticeable support for the back:
Dauphin Lordo flex” automatically ensures a balanced posture at all times. To provide optimum support for the back during daily work, the ergonomics experts from Dauphin teamed up with the renowned designer Martin Ballendat to develop the new “Lordo flex” range of office swivel chairs for Orgatec 2016. The name says it all: This innovative seating solution, which is noted for having an elastic mesh fabric, is comfortable and delivers the best possible support for the back thanks to even pressure distribution throughout the movement process. The height adjustment of the backrest by 10 cm makes it possible to adjust the backrest to cater for the individual dimensions of people of different sizes. In the forward, upright seated posture, “Lordo flex” also provides noticeable support that extends over the tips of the shoulder blades. The transparent, elastic mesh fabric provides additional comfort – regardless of the seated position.

www.dauphin-group.com Hall 8.1 Stand B028-C029