ONGO presents at Orgatec three new products in world first : ONGO Move/On, ONGO Free, and ONGO Meet and Swing. After presenting its movement sensor at Orgatec 2014, that wirelessly transmits to smartphones via, Bluetooth about movement activity on typical ONGO active sitting stools, the new ONGO Move/On system also records whether or not the height-adjustable workspace or stand-up desk has been activated.

The movement sensor for the workspace transmits table movements to the ONGO active app. An individually adjustable memory function motivates the user to move his or her desk higher more often in order to work standing or sitting while standing, helping to strengthen the back and postural musculature, while at the same time improving circulation and metabolism.

ONGO has developped another stool that supports working at height-adjustable desks, ONGO Free, that also has a curved base that leads to instable equilibrium. In order to support the sit/stand working posture, helping to overcome the disadvantages of spending long times sitting or standing, ONGO Free has a triangular seat, offering optimal support without constriction. By design, the ONGO Free is reduced to the essentials and fits into any environment.

Because meetings that take place standing up are much more spontaneous, shorter and productive, ONGO has designed its brand-new ONGO Meet and Swing, an exceptionally flexible and innovative furnishing concept. This consists of the tall and slender ONGO Meet table, accompanied by four appealing and simple standing supports. This is a product that not only saves space and is very affordable, but also brings a touch of freedom to the office, and inspires informal exchanges between colleagues. ONGO Meet and Swing will be presented in the form of prototypes at Orgatec and will be available from March 2017.

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