An unconventional design, for the modernist aesthetics of an ergonomic seat.

The soft touch of the upholstery, with its perfect saddle stitching, gives this active chair, whose dynamic design fascinates, a real answer to the high ergonomic requirements imposed on modern office furniture.
With its compact design by Stefan Zoell, the kinema active conference “chair-armchair” ensures an active sitting position in the workplace.
The sophisticated design and ergonomic concept of its newly developed mechanics allow vertical movements, as well as desk height adjustments from 65 to 130 cm.
By simply changing from a regular sitting position to a high standing and standing position, daily work situations benefit from a new agility and quality.
The well-balanced Stand-Sit-Support dynamic improves physical well-being and promotes concentration and responsiveness in daily activities. Unlike the simple rotation function of a normal swivel chair, the kinema® active chair allows an active seat in vertical movement. It allows a healthy physiological posture: reduction of pressure on the lumbar vertebrae and stimulation of blood flow. When sitting upright or standing, the limbs automatically take an open angular position, so the joints are relieved.