“Karbon”, Actiu’s chair, manufactured with the material of the future.

Highly resistant, extremely light and with an avant-garde aesthetic: these are the qualities of carbon fibre, a material that has already made a dent in industries such as aerospace and Formula 1 and that now brings its innovating features to the furniture sector, with the help of Actiu and its “Karbon” chair, designed by Javier Cuñado of ITEMdesignworks.

“On this matter, together with ITEMdesignworks, we wanted to reinterpret the applicability of the lightness and resistance of carbon fibre to other technological sectors in order to create a different chair, with seductive shapes, which brings exclusivity beyond the physical” ,explains Actiu’s Brand Director, Soledat Berbegal. “In our case, our experience in the development of high-end e-bikes allowed us to get to know the material and its qualities. This technology allows us to create new shapes that flow in space in a different, freer and more creative way”, says Javier Cuñado, designer of the chair and CEO of ITEMdesignworks.

This product rises from the wish of Actiu and ITEMdesignworks to respond to a process of generating new experiences in environments in which the relationship between people requires new tools that easily and naturally contribute to that interaction.