the importance of well-being and productivity in the office

Standing up improves blood sugar levels, especially after meals. It facilitates a better regulation of obesity. It was after reading several medical articles on the subject, that Gavin Bradley, CEO of Sit-Stand.Com, “launched” Active Working ® CIC. Its founding Director realized that sitting for a long time presented multiple health risks. He then developed,with his office workers the “move more and sit less” philosophy.

Sit-Stand.Com ® was created in 2014 to offer a simple and positive approach. “As a permanent office megastore, we focus exclusively on providing ‘active’ office solutions. We offer as many people as possible the possibility of doing health prevention, while working ”. “In less than 5 years, we have supplied and supported 20,000 active customers. And we’ve sold more than 200,000 adjustable desktop solutions to all corners of the world. UK, Europe, Middle East and USA ”.

Standing is good for burning calories.

It improves blood circulation and fights low blood pressure. The standing position encourages movement. Both are important for activating major muscle groups. Stimulate blood circulation and maintain a healthy metabolic rate.

The important enzymes that transfer bad cholesterol out of your arteries are much more efficient when you stand up. When standing, you naturally align your spine in an “S” shape. You engage / strengthen your core muscles.

It is important to break the sitting position.

Avoid the risk of staying in the “C” position. When you stand up, you are more confident and collaborative. Oxygen circulates more easily in your head, stimulating endorphins. So when you need to make an important phone call or end a difficult discussion, you will be much more efficient. Standing up improves your breathing. It allows the chest to be fully opened, giving full capacity to the diaphragm.

The YO-YO Desk Bike

Whether you’re working remotely, on the phone, or reading emails. During meetings. talk time or video time. Stay healthy by reducing inactivity. To convert passive time to active time and burn calories in your office or at home, the perfect solution is the office / bike: “The YO-YO Desk Bike”.

Sit-stand desks (commonly referred to as “standing desks”) will become the norm over the next decade. Across Scandinavia, 90% of office workers are now enjoying the health benefits of sit-stand desks. Their popularity is spreading worldwide. The traditional “office empire” is undergoing radical change as we move into a new future. Where working from home is becoming the “new normal” for millions of us.

More and more companies are completely rethinking their workplace strategy. This means that we are very likely to experience a complete turnaround in accepting home as our primary place of work. The office of the future will be the place we visit less frequently. A more specific place for collaborative work.

Responsible companies invest in the equipment of their employees. So that they can work safely, healthily and more efficiently at home. They provide office space and computer equipment that support both their productivity and their health. One in three SMEs plans to adhere to flexible working arrangements indefinitely.