“Home sweet Home” for an ideal home office.

While remote workers have the freedom to work from anywhere in the world, most do not walk through their front doors. A 2019 Buffer study found that 84% of people work from home, 8% in coworking spaces and 4% in coffee shops. For many, the home has now become a second office. Many companies are even planning to generalize this mode of operation: a study by Global Workplace Analytics (GWA) estimates that since 2005, remote work has increased by nearly 140% (22% between 2017 and 2018) and that 25 to 30% of employees will work from home several days a week by the end of 2021.

So, it’s time to get serious about your home office layout! Telecommuting has become everyday for many: It is important to rethink and reorganize your space.

A true design icon

For more than half a century, the Swiss furniture manufacturer USM Haller has been the number one contact when it comes to finding flexible and personalized space solutions. Sustainably manufactured furniture not only offers first-class quality and design, but also and most importantly, tremendous adaptability.

Founded by Ulrich Schärer in Münsingen, Switzerland, in 1885, the company specializes in the production of metalwork and window locks. In the 1960s: the founder’s grandson, Paul Schärer then decided to change direction. No more metallurgy, he wanted to develop into a modern industrial company.

The cooperation with Swiss architect Fritz Haller results in the creation of a new factory and premises for the company. At the forefront of the building planning process was a modular steel frame construction system. This concept turned out to be a founder for the subsequent production of furniture. In order to anticipate the various production developments and above all to support expansion opportunities, absolute flexibility becomes the key word during the construction of buildings. It is this flexibility that will be the starting point for the functional design furniture from USM Haller that we know today.

World-renowned furniture, at home

Created in 1963 from customizable steel modules, the modular furniture system is now recognized around the world. The success is enormous. Not an architectural firm, a doctor’s secretariat, a newspaper editorial office that cannot be furnished in USM. In 1969, Banque Rothschild placed its first major order with USM to fit out its Parisian premises.

The company now offers professional and functional furniture with undisputed aesthetics. It can be found all over the world in offices, homes, and museums, including the Museum of Modern Art, MoMA, in New York City. It allows you to install at home, even in a small space, a dedicated and efficient work area.

Thanks to its contained dimensions, the USM Haller storage unit, secretary type, with a drop-down door that will act as a work surface will find its place everywhere. Even in the tightest spaces. Give preference to coloured storage boxes. The many configuration possibilities of the USM Haller system and their timeless lines make it a design classic.

The ideal ally to remove all the unsightly office objects that you prefer to hide: internet box, printer, scanner … Drawers or drop-down and retractable doors will allow you to have a “free” workspace.

In case of lack of space, the elegant table with chrome base (produced for over 45 years) can be used as a desk during the day. And since sitting “behind” a keyboard is not the best healthy solution: USM Kitos height-adjustable desks encourage movement. They allow you to work standing up during the day. And adjust in height in a jiffy.