B-Free by Steelcase, the range of products to fully modulate your office space

Steelcase is a must have for office equipment and furnishings. Founded in 1912 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, the American company is today one of the global giants in the industry. And unquestionably first in the high end. Because this is the positioning of the brand, and the reason why it makes so many aficionados dream. Today, diving into the B Free range. B-Free what is this? It is a modular system, offering a fairly extensive range of workspace products. It allows you to easily set up and (re) configure any professional environment. Basically create your office space in (very) high-end lego.

Create mini environments in the workspace

The range is made up of seats, tables, desks and screens. Like small and large cubes, all models are characterized by their design and modularity. As mentioned above, design lego pieces that we assemble to create collaborative spaces. Everything is done to facilitate relaxation, like the bag rests available in the range. Isolation screens are also available to ensure privacy.

Changing posture, the key to productivity

This is the other great idea of the B Free range. The cubes allow various postures at work: reading, relaxing and interacting with colleagues. The range has been designed for all the postures required and changing them becomes child’s play. The American brand has observed workers in action and deduced this: people just want to change their posture throughout the day, it is their workstation that makes it difficult (going from a painful posture to one that may be even more so: no thank you). To ensure this comfort for all at all times, Steelcase also relies on its flagship: the seats.

Ultra high-end seats

To design its seats, Steelacase first observes the workers to infer and anticipate their needs. For example, the latest seats are designed based on the results of a study carried out among 2000 workers on 6 continents. Which led the brand to conclude 2 things: the massive use of new technologies has multiplied the postures we adopt at our workstation in recent years. Then, that the office population expresses more and more the desire not to work only sitting down. The ergonomic and designer seats (particularly in terms of colors) in the range are therefore the result of all these studies. Like the Gesture, the first chair designed to serve as an interface between the human body and new technologies. We can also mention the Think, so called because it is able to understand and adapt intuitively to the posture of each user at their workstation.

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Sustainable development always in mind

This is a great brand commitment. It is committed to analyzing the impacts of its business on the environment at every stage – product development, manufacturing and delivery. All in a process of continuous improvement. It also supports the LEED certification program, which aims to see only buildings emerging from the earth that are optimized in their relation to the environment.

The B Free range is again a work of craftsmanship signed by the Steelcase brand. Even if his exit is not necessarily happy because of the sanitary conditions, we can bet that it is the exchange between the employees that drives most companies. There will always be a need for places for this. And while they’re gorgeous and modular, no one will complain.