Makiba, actor for innovation in Data Centers

Data centers are booming in Europe with many technological innovations to make them more efficient and “cleaner”. But what about all the operators who work in these buildings on a daily basis? Many of them are dedicated to “proximity gestures”: installation / modification of racks and equipment.Connection management, system configuration, etc...But they do not have a suitable workstation. Mobile, with storage , ergonomic, accepting heavy loads and supporting the secure installation of equipment.

A real world use case

FullSave is a telecom and webhost operator based in Toulouse (Occitanie, France). It operates its own IT infrastructures. It offers tailor-made services in the fields of telecoms and IT hosting. In 2019 FULL SAVE, had already deployed more than 300 km of own optical fibers, including more than 100 km in the last 6 months. The company signed partnerships with two public initiative networks (RIP). Gers Numérique and Fiber 31. Allowing it to send offers to companies in Gers and Haute-Garonne (Occitanie, France) located on the fringes of urban areas.

Fullsave plans to expand its Toulouse Data Center built and commissioned in 2014. The company is expanding rapidly and wants to increase its capacity. Bringing it from 1,600 m2 to nearly 2,500 m2. The webhost has therefore drawn up specifications to find an innovative response. To provide its customers and employees with optimal working conditions. The system was supposed to allow an operator to have a mobile, ergonomic and compact workstation. Allowing operators to move around narrow aisles. Also, it was to facilitate and secure the installation of equipment in 19-inch racks with a single operator. To answer this, MAKIBA, a young Toulouse-based company specializing in the design of active offices, has developed ICARE. An ergonomic mobile trolley adjustable in height. Made in France, and equipped with the Easy Rack system. It allows integration into equipment racks up to 20 kg.

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Very positive feedbacks.

After several months of use, customers experiences are sastifying. “Whether it is to set up equipment in a rack, to maneuver equipment or simply to work in the computer room, ICARE makes this effortless with maximum user comfort.” Used and approved by the entire Advanced MedioMatrix team, as well as its customers. “The cart perfectly meets our need for mobile work and equipment racking. It is ergonomic, its handling is very simple. It is handy and moves easily between the aisles of the data center. “Thierry Oger, University of Angers, Systems and Networks Department Manager.

A designer of active furniture

MAKIBA is a player committed to the development of innovative height-adjustable furniture. Created in April 2017 in Toulouse, the start-up helps companies boost the engagement and development of their teams. The company relies on human capital, which is the key to success. Integrating many user-oriented features into its products. Their StandUp offer, develops the latest generation of variable-height desks. Allowing you to change position during the day and work differently by improving creativity, efficiency and health! Among their strengths, products made in France fitted with a reliable and efficient LINAK engine. And the ability to adapt its products. In addition to its Office range dedicated to tertiary workspaces, MAKIBA uses its know-how in studies and electric motorization to meet more specific needs such as ICARE.

Good to know: In the interests of expansion MAKIBA is looking for distributors throughout Europe. For more information