Outdoor cabin offices strike back

Recent years have seen the emergence of booths in the workplace. More hygienic, these “phoneboxes” can also protect against noise. As workers are piling-up in fewer and fewer square meters (with the example of call centers) and the new health standards that will reverse the trend. A final trend, outdoor office booths. Workstations that allow, most often in comfort, to practice in his garden.

This is an contrast to indoor cabins. And that seems to appeal to more and more users. This is evidenced by the popularity of  Nooka workspaces,a club offering similar services also developed in Anglo-Saxon countries. A niche market in which MHOR Workspace, a company launched in Leeds, UK, believes. It offers a range of turnkey modular offices. Let’s focus on this innovative company, its product range and the reasons that contributed to its launch.

A range of comfortable office desks for the garden

The company provides a fully managed service based on a modular home office. The latter is delivered ready to be mounted. A plug-and-play formula. Specialists take care of a building upt that lasts about 3 hours according to the manufacturer. Each unit is designed to be acoustically insulated. Products can also improve a company’s brand image. They are all equipped with commercial-quality lighting and high-level ergonomic furniture. The desks are delivered in a classic or sitting-up form. The British company  has focused on the choice of office furniture, often ergonomic. All offices are also equipped with Internet connectivity of a certain standard. Many real estate agents have already opted for this kind of solution. Offices that could be placed next to a building whose apartments you want to sell for example.

For the company’s CEO Alex Duckett, the offices offered by Mhor are even more comfortable than conventional offices. “We analyzed the significant challenges of working from home for both the employer and the employee, such as employee well-being, data protection (particularly relevant to regulated companies), governance and the physical environment.” He proclaims that his design approach represents the new generation of professional offices. A new generation that is destined to emerge as soon as possible with the new health standards: that is the CEO bet.

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Our work habits definitely modified?

“Most companies and employees have done their best with very difficult lockdowns. But as flexible work models become the norm, a more appropriate solution is needed.” Alex Duckett analyzes that the first containment has spawned only makeshift solutions. But as this kind of measure comes back inforce, professional structures will begin to organize themselves more deeply. The possibilities of work will be multiplied.  And so the accessories and available places that go with it. And it is clear that the recent news gives him reason. The emergence, for example, of booth offices in supermarkets attests to this.

The market for outdoor cabin offices is seeing more and more new companies’ flourish. Proof that many people are betting on a rapid evolution of our habits in terms of professional place. New innovations in the sector? It is likely that the coming months will see the emergence of other innovations in this sector. To be continued…