Beyou, the chair that allows you to sit in 10 different ways

The title of this article implies that one could live in this chair. Fun, and yet not that far from reality. Designed by the Bravo Tribe company, the Beyou chair promises to be a revolution in the way we sit. A luxury at a time when France and other countries are returning to teleworking. At a time when we understand, especially by looking at job vacancies, that this model will replace even shortly after the pandemic. However, some manufacturers of office furniture are experiencing an unprecedented crisis.

After realizing too late that individuals would not make the same investments in this area as businesses, the sector is slowly starting to adapt. Like the British Sketch, which offers an ergonomic furniture ordering portal, with company accounts that can be used by every worker at home. Or the Beyou chair. Allowing to sit in 10 different positions, it is described as the “first generation” of ergonomic object resulting from the in-depth observation of the habits of the teleworker.

Ergonomic furniture born from the observation of teleworking

The Bravo Tribe team, maker of Beyou, based its work on the experiences of its members in telecommuting. The result ? A home office chair performs more functions than if it were in the workplace. “We sit in an office, we sit down to work from home, we sit down to relax, we sit down while we eat,” says the product designer.

10 positions for ergonomic innovation

This chair can therefore be adapted to many everyday situations, each time offering an ideal posture. This ranges from working in front of the computer to taking a nap and taking a break from playing on your mobile. Bravo Tribe’s approach clashes with classic furniture. It is the chair that adapts to the user and not the other way around. This helps prevent musculoskeletal problems, back pain and fatigue.

There are three main things to note about this chair. First, the materials it is made of are all of high quality. Then it is calibrated and adjustable to suit 10 different positions. Switching from one to the other happens instantly. This allows, in addition to not accumulating pressure points, to move his body. Finally, almost all of its components are adjustable.

Highly adjustable ergonomic furniture

Like the front backrest which can also function as a seat. Or get into a horizontal position to practice yoga, one of the 10 activities listed. The armrests work as extendable wings and can also be positioned in 3 different ways. The seat is finally equipped with custom quick release hinges

Its weight capacity is 181 kg. The chair is finished with an oak veneer and premium fabric that is highly resistant to stains and wear. The sale price is 350 dollars. The dozens of reviews already available are very complimentary, approaching 5 stars.

Beyou therefore seems to be a very promising product. Which adapts to new uses that have suddenly appeared in recent months. Note that if you like the concept, you can always invest in Bravo Tribe. The company tries to raise funds through a crowdfunding campaign. With more than 1.1 million euros already raised, the product already seems to be attractive to investors. This will allow you to cushion your purchase a bit and boost the price of a soon future stock. To be continued…