Re-animating production sites!

Whether they are industrial or tertiary, robotized, automated or manual; during more than 12 years of Ergonoma Journal, manufacturers of equipment, developers, distributors, occupational health professionals, all, making up the world of work, are not only confronted with innovation, digital time, new business models, but above all to new ways of seeing and living the business world. Read More »

The field of possibilities

Today, we are participating in the emergence of a new economy, the limit of the possible rises in a working world in full transformation. We invent new forms of governance, companies have to adapt, open up and orient themselves to projects that combine talents. Read More »


In the course of successive trade fairs, off-the-shelf presentations and design weeks, Ergonoma Journal has been able to see how designers, manufacturers in the office sector offered attractive, convivial, mobile and agile furniture. In short, products intended for sociability, collective (meeting) spaces, like “lobbies” of star-rated hotels. Read More »


“Contrasts” is the underlying theme for and name of Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair’s Trend Exhibition 2017/18. Read More »


This quarter, for some is the first of the year, for others, it begins the end of the year, the “tails” or new budgets. Read More »


This is certainly what characterizes the most this Ergonoma Journal issue. Diversity of designs, productions, diversity of designers from different backgrounds, diversity of process. And if you read entirely this edition, you will realize that the common ground of all our articles is MANKIND: The Man in the World! Let us not be misled by careerist politicians, who see in ... Read More »

Natural! This time this is it!

The nature trend is more than ever coming back. We were able to verify that “Nature is back for good!”, theme of Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2016, stuck to reality. Among top designers, the French Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec have created for Danish editor HAY, the CPH190 desk, leaving a gap between its plate and its desk to let ... Read More »


Ergonoma journal, which, for over 10 years, testifies to the existence of a creative, solidary Europe, with global humanistic and technological outreach, could not remain indifferent to this fantastic opportunity that intermingling of peoples represents. Read More »

Ten years

Even after 10 years of creative excitement and sometimes disturbances and in a world which, although now finally recognized as an absolute necessity, still in 2015, has people who think ergonomics must remain the “preserve of those who know”, people who think it will never work, or “that well-being at work is impossible” … we are more convinced than ever ... Read More »